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Here you will find my published eBooks, I enjoyed writing each of them. In the beginning of my writing, I had much to learn, and still, I have too much learning. I believe one is never too old to learn or process something entirely new.

I challenge myself every day! In my first two EBooks, one being “Impressions of My Mind”, the other “The 10 O’Clock Hour” these writings contain my immaturity in the skills of writing poetry and a short story, they’re of my simple mind scribblings. I am not ashamed of them, for they are a lesson in the learning, and blessing in becoming whom I am today!

Image of Urban Pen: Poetic Writings of Linda J. Wolff

Each piece she brings enlightenment through words, such as the one below: “I find I need to seek out solace. Especially, when the day is crazy! Crazy in the sense that there’s no stopping, no breaks. As a single mom, life tends to work itself that way. A constant mirage of places to be, people to see. Not that I don’t mind it. But when I find that place that brings me to a peaceful solace I take it in and absorb it. Do you? Do you take the time to step out of reality?” Linda J. Wolff’s poetry is beautiful- soothing, meditative, and deep. She will take you deep into a forest, paint you an abstract picture with words.

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Image of cover - Impressions of My Mind Ebook

This poetry book will transport you to different areas of emotion; whether it be your love for animals or nature. You might need some inspiration. It will definitely leave you with an inspirational message to enlighten your heart. The spiritual essence of angels; lifts our spirits in our hour of need. Love poems inspire the romantic nature in all of us. The poetry here will rekindle your love for you and your soul mate. Life and friendship poems give us cause for reflection to appreciate the simplest of life’s pleasures and friends. May the poetry in this book, bring you moments of pure pleasure and enjoyment.

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Image of cover of "The 10 O'Clock Hour Ebook

The journey starts with the encounter of a man and woman who by accident briefly meet each other. The lurch of the train moving forward force an encounter. No words are spoken. Just an exchange of a touch, a silly, sweet smile. A business card is slipped into the hands of Emily. Then she is left with the notion of what could be and her feelings of the silent tantalizing moment of a brief encounter with love.

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