Challenge Prompts 101

Welcome Beautiful Peeps to “Challenge Prompts 101”!

If you are here reading this for the first time, then welcome! If you are returning, then thank you for your continued support.

I am always up for a challenge, are you?

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Thought I would start a challenge prompt for all of us inspiring, thought provoking word spinners of the Universe! We can always learn from others, and each of you brings something special!

With my Challenge Prompts here it’s a WIN WIN situation.

  • You have the chance to DISPLAY your creativity in writing.
  • You have the opportunity to WIN something.
  • You have a chance to GROW a following.

Through the challenge prompts, I will encourage your creativity through particular word prompts with the challenge of a structured form of poetry.

  1. DISPLAY – Creativity by joining in the daily prompts here.
  2. WIN WIN – An opportunity to be selected for my up and coming eBook that will be put for sale on Amazon and receive my designer COFFEE CUP w/Urban Poetry Logo and quote. I will offer 5 designer coffee cups once a month to 5 WINNERS of the Challenge Prompt.
  3. GROW – Follow or comment on each individual’s poetry, and you will gain a flow of followers from these challenge prompts.

Rules to join the Challenge Prompt:

If ONE wants to participate in the weekly prompts here:

  1. Publish a NEW POST on your WordPress blog in response to the word or phrase of the weekly challenge.
  2. You’ll need to COPY/PASTE your finished post into the comment section of the prompt so everyone can go read it. Your piece of poetry will encourage others to join in the fun of being creative.
  3. Hit my FOLLOW button, then I can follow you back and read your fantastic creative writing. To grow your blog, follow everyone or like their post or piece they created for the prompt.

#1 Tools to become a great writer of your own blog.

You’ll need a WordPress Blog. Get yours here…WordPress Paid or Free.

For help with syllables. Use HowManySyllables.Com Counter

For help with synonym or definition. Use Thesaurus.

For help with Grammar. Use Grammarly.

So let’s get started; Below will be our first prompt.

Our first weekly challenge prompt you can find here 

#1 Challenge Prompt:  To Fib or Not To Fib