Join WordPress MeetUp

Welcome to our WordPress Meet-Up.

I’m hoping to create a casual common ground; where we can
connect, meet and share advice, tips, and maybe more.

image of people connecting through conversation

Let’s Connect! Meet and Greet

I will keep doing this from time to time, and these will offer an awesome opportunity for
bloggers who are quite active on WordPress” to connect.
If you’re interested in “meeting up” with new bloggers
or just meeting new people.

Here’s your chance to connect with them.

For all bloggers; I encourage you to use this as a place to “Promote Your Blog“. Whether you have a fashion, food, photography, nature, poetry blog, or a video, eBook blog. Or you might just want to post the cover of your book and link. This is the place!

Below in the Comment Section:

  1. Leave your name. Mine is Linda J. Wolff! What’s yours!
  2. Leave your Full Blog Address or Anything else! I will say “HELLO!”
  3. Leave a little something about your blog.

Remember that to meet new people… You need to connect! Say Hello!

You can reblog this post if you wish! Thank you!

176 thoughts on “Join WordPress MeetUp

  1. Hi! My blog is a thought and poetry blog called The Cinderblock Garden. It’s a place for me to lay my thoughts and bury my skeletons. I hope that other people can find inspiration or pieces of themselves in it.

    Here’s a link to one of my pieces:

    Here’s one to a poem:

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  2. Hi Linda! This is an awesome idea!
    I started my blog years ago and walked away from it. Now, I’m using it to find my way to being comfortable in a new way . I write what comes to mind. Mostly family, adjusting to retirement… it’s a journey I hope you’ll share. lillmi’s blog is located at You’ll find your Swaying Flowers on top!

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  3. Hello, Everyone! My name is Temweka and my blog is “Beauty in the Words” at
    It features original short stories, a little poetry, book reviews, and some personal thoughts on topics. I hope my work appeals to people 😊

    Link to my latest poem, because I’m a dreamer at heart:

    And a link to one of my personal favourite piece (a short story):

    Would love to meet new people, and tips to improve my writing 😊😊

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  4. Hi! I’m Hopefawn Levenson Robertson. I am working on my first publication of poems and artowrk, I rant on Twitter at: @TehMimzy and I sporadically post on my wordpress blog: – which could admittedly use a cool title and more professional touch…
    …but I’m also a mom of six, (including three autistic young adults) and a busy grandma with three little grands and one due next month.

    I advocate for the #goldenrule and the environment. ❤
    Pleased to meetcha!

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  5. Hi Linda and friends! I am Dominique and I have a blog where I post my photography and an array of mainly free verse poems. I especially love nature and that is a huge part of my photography! Many of my poems center around my struggle with anxiety as well as my love for people.

    Feel free to check out my blog:

    If anyone has any suggestions or ways to make my blog more user friendly, please let me know! I also wanted to say I love your blog and your poetry Linda(: As well as this is a great idea! Kudos to you!

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  6. Hello everyone. My name is Shoma and I’m new to blogging. I’m still trying to figure out how everything works. You can find my blogs here

    I write poetry, and I’ve been writing since I was eight years old and I’m now 22. I love expressing myself and my interests by writing. I write poetry, stories and about current events. Just wanted to say hello.

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  7. Hi, Linda.

    My books and blog can be viewed at I have been blogging since 2011, but have been focusing more on posting my poetry.

    I am enjoying your blog. I love your explanations about what inspires you, the poems themselves, and the definition of the form. Excellent work!

    Thanks for the forum. I look forward to reading more!

    Penny J. Johnson

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  8. Hello. My name is Maya Morrow. I’m a writer who has just published her first book, entitled Silicon Valley Girl: My Adolescent Life and Times, and an Ode to Generation X. It’s my published diaries from age 12-18, so it’s an uncensored trip through all the pitfalls and triumphs of adolescence, from my POV.

    I also write poetry, and I established the blog to develop a platform for the book and to talk about whatever I want.

    It seems there are some talented writers here. Thank you for this sharing idea.

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  9. Hello Linda,

    I’m a newcomer to the workings of WordPress and a recent admirer of your insperational bloggings and poetry. I have been posting for sometime under but until now I had no idea how much more I can get from WordPress.
    I have written a book; a unique 25 year adventurous period of my life, whichpresently gathers dust on a London publisher’s desk
    I do enjoy poetry but am no poet. I like to write and mainly do so scribbling of days gone by but now I can see by your blogg, there’s more to life than its history.
    Anyways, I’d be happy to be in contact with other writers.

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  10. Hello. You have a great blog and you are very talented. Your poetry is beautful. My name is Sue Walz. My blog link is I am a mental illness advocate and write to increase awareness, edcuate about mental illness, reduce the stigma of mental illness and in that process prayerfully reduce the suicide rate and save lives. I use poetry, prose, short stories, informational information to get my very important messages conveyed. I have bipolar 1 disorder, PTSD and more. I write using poetry as it is a way to express greater emotion more beautifully and with more detail that hopoefullly the reader can better understand what it is like to live with a bipolar brain and in the life of person with bipolar. I also have book called “My Bipolar Meoir of Poetry and Hope.” Here is a link of one way to order my book either in print form or EBook…

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    • Hi, Sue! I am also an advocate of mental illness! I love bringing awareness to the emotional state we can all be in. I have had my share of struggles, it is was has prompted me to make this poetry blog my life mission. To encourage others, there is hope and help in the light of family, friends and support groups, education. Bless you, for your effort too!

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      • Thank you. Your blog is beautful and I cannot wait to read more of your work. Poetry is a beautful form expression to convey the true feelings of what living with mental illlness feels like. It is my passion in life to help others in any way I can and I pray I help others often. Thank you for your awesome blg and sharing with me that you too are an advocate. We need more of us and we need to stick together and start diaglogs about mental illness and we need to spread the words of mental illness and mental illness stigma loudly, boldy and beatufully. Hugs and blessings, Sue

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  11. The name I use to log is Jain Ainley…..SharonDear2. I am an amateur at blogging, poetry, and writing. I use family as experiences n my life. My blog is about nature also and this little farm girl and two brothers. I had a narcissistic mom who I call “my brother’s Mother,” In a post called, “I didn’t see” is a true poem. I love nature and clouds.I dream and so I write,

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  12. Hey guys (and Linda), my name is Chris, I’m 24, and my blog is titled December Rose… I write poetry, short stories, and sometimes just ramble about whatever comes to mind. Some of my favorite things to write about are the places my mind wanders while sitting at work, which I title “Ruminations of a Working Man” which started with this post:

    While the majority of my writing on this blog so far has been one word prompts based, and while I primarily write for fun, I also do aspire to write novels in the near future, and I’m thankful for a platform like WordPress to allow a place for me to spill my brain and users like Linda who try to connect people 🙂

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  13. Drew, and my blog is called drew5000g.wordpress, I put words on paper hoping to create some logic to myself. I rarely read any of my own stuff back but if you want I don’t mind others having a look. Enjoyed your “she’s holding his heart” Stay up, peace

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  14. Hi, I’m Kate Friederichs, and I am just beginning to write again after some time away. My blog is at and I write poetry, book reviews, and short prose. Two of my pieces are being published this month in a local literary magazine, so I am thrilled about that! I hope that you will find something there you connect to. Outside of my blog, I am raising three little girls and working on a novel. Linda, thank you for visiting my blog! I have enjoyed reading your posts and love your idea of connecting artists here!

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  15. Hope I’m not too late to the meet-up party! I’m Katie Dale, blogger at and I blog about…you guessed it, bipolar disorder. And my faith. I want to link to my fabulous poem “The Plight of Lady Manic” that I think you will enjoy. (not sure that the hyperlink will agree with your comment box) Anyway, thanks for hosting this awesome meet-and-greet. I’m looking forward to meeting other bloggers here! Thank you Linda.

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  16. Hey! I’m Bluebeard (much less evil than the evil pirate king Bluebeard, I promise). This meetup thing is a great idea. My blog can be found at My stories are conceptual pieces that relate to my various artwork. I suppose it would be considered creative writing with a creepy/pretty hand-drawn cover. I recently started to write poetry as well. I really enjoy your free-form style, from the few poems I’ve read. I look forward to reading more!

    I also appreciate you putting this thread together. Good way to meet fellow authors/writers/poets/artists.


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  17. I hope my last comment didn’t post my phone froze. 😬 I decided to tap on it, as if that would help and In return I posted the word hello, missing the o. Predictable for me. I’m a beginning blogger just expressing myself and find higher consciousness. I see it all, I’m clairvoyant, but I have trouble getting the thoughts of society out of my mind long enough to act as it happens. I am shown a movie, reacting what I had felt or seen. My muse is my twin flame. He is manifesting his music career. Check it out! 😉

    Thank you for the gracious opportunity to post on your page. You’ve got style for miles!

    Soul Vibes | Learn to Live a Little

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  18. Hello Beautiful Souls ! My name is Royal, I am excited to meet my fellow bloggers

    My blog account is
    Please be sure to give it a peep and feel free to input your insight, I’m fairly new to the blog world.

    My blog is simply a collection of my thoughts that I’ve written to myself, that I would like to share with the world. I believe we are all Royalty, and it should be proclaimed and exhibited in every way there is to be displayed. Enjoy !

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  19. Hi! My blog is a thought and poetry blog called “My Poetry” . It’s a place for me to express my feelings through poetry where I feel it is the best way of expressing your thoughts, finding solace in lonelines ,I hope that other people can find inspiration or pieces of themselves in it.

    Below are the links of my work….

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  20. Hello! Thank you for this invite.I am Ron Mitchell from https/ Had a novel published about 5 years ago, “Broken Collar” about a catholic priest who has great desire for intimacy. Anyway, I mainly live as a traveler along with my wife Marilynn Windust. I write the blog text, and she takes the photos. We’ve been to 79 countries traveling independently and on a budget, and still plan to keep running as long as life allows us to be mobile. (If you visit the blog, you will see how I know nothing about web design!)

    Great blog you have here, and nice way to connect with others.

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  21. Hi Linda, Happen to float across your name and site because you liked a comment I posted on Robert’s site “O at the Edges”, And thank you for that. My name is Ivor Steven, , blog site, . I’m from Geelong, Victoria, Australia, the southern part of our Continent. I haven’t been blogging long, but thoroughly enjoying the friendships and opportunities that have arisen. I’m a semi-retired plumber, and dabbling in poetry for over twenty years. Basically I use my writings as a form of release and self therapy. I cared for my wife for thirty years, she unfortunately suffered from severe MS, and thus the poems begun.

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  22. HI, Linda, I am a good friend of Ivor, from down under, adored your poem “Howling Train, great food for my imagination, perhaps you could read one of my simple scratchings when you find the time.Cheers Terry


  23. Hello Linda. My name is Candice Pierce. I started my blog a couple of months ago to help me through a bout of depression by intentionally finding things in my purview that were uplifting, inspiring, or made me smile, hence the name, This Made Me Smile Today.
    My blog can be found at
    I am honoured that you are following my blog, even though only a few of my posts contain any poetry. I like reading your work too!

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    • I love the title, it’s what I look for every day and try to spill into Urban Poetry blog here! Welcome and nice to meet you! What prompted me to write back in Dec 2013 was a stressful relationship w/ my late husband and the deaths of 6 other family and friends. I forced myself to look within and find my happy place again.

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  24. Hi! My name is Bethany and my site address iss I started my blog just as a way to let my writing see the light of day. Too shy for open Mic nights but I want to share and see others work as well.

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  25. Hi! My name is Gregory Peters. My blog address is My tagline is Shining the light of God’s Word. It’s a mixture of both poetry and essay style posts about different Biblical issues as God shows them to me while I’m reading my Bible or listening to messages. I simply want to share with others what God is showing to me.
    Be blessed!


  26. Hi all. Ladies, Gents.
    I’m a London based writer/blogger. I write about life, poetry, & culture. Albeit in an entertaining way that some will either love or hate. This may or may not include my opinions surrounding hipsters, coffee and sexual banter – R rated is evident but feel free to do as you will. Thanks for this post, Linda. I’m going to find this very useful. I look forward to browsing through the bloggers that have also commented on this entry.


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  27. Hello, all! I’m R.J., and I am from Chicago where I’ve lived for many years now. My blog is still in its infant stages right now, but I have been writing a lot and posting on a pretty defined schedule. I’ve been posting a lot of my poetry and sharing some that I enjoy from other writers. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and interacting with other writers!

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  29. Hello,
    My name is Natasha Milligan and I just started blogging. I’m just trying to feel comfortable and build up my confidence by learning how to voice my opinion instead of keeping it within. I have stage freight so by doing videos may be the perfect fit that will help me improve my strength and weaknesses by conversating. ( )

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