Annoucement: Urban Poetry is Moving

ANNOUNCEMENT: Urban Poetry Moving to

image of urban poetry is moving

Hello, my beautiful followers and fans! First things first, thank you for your beautiful and supportive comments through this year. If wasn’t for all of you, Urban Poetry wouldn’t have grown as fast as it did.

But, Urban Poetry has grown and doesn’t conform to the structure of, we can only stay for a short time. The capacity of how fast this site is growing over capacitates the WordPress structure.

On October 5th, 2017 we purchased the domain name, Wolff Poetry.

I thought it only fitting to distinguish myself in this new domain name.

  1. Wolff, being my last name.
  2. Poetry is what I love to write.

Thus, is born the new me on the Internet “Wolff Poetry.” I bring a new thought to this new site. In many of the comments I have received, they are as follows.

These are the questions I am asked and in my new site, I will be inserting the answers through a blog post.

  1. How do you get so many page views a month in so short of time on the internet, since Urban Poetry only started January 3, 2017?
  2. How did you come to acquire so many followers in so little time?

  3. Can your offer resources of writing tools you use?

  4. Can your offer resources and help in how to get my poetry self-published?

Above and beyond, I want you to read for yourself “Who is Wolff Poetry?

I am in hopes that you will follow me to my new site, cause my mission is to offer support to new writers, and tips and tools to grow your following and blog, and offer assistance in helping you bring your creative writing to publication in the success I did.

Thanks again,

Linda J. Wolff

Your dearest fan!


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