Ekphrastic Poem: Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear

In this Ekphrastic Poem, “Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear.”

Bianca and I love going to The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, viewing, and watching the wildlife there. The koala never moves, just napping having sweet dreams. The giraffe was so beautiful, stretching his long neck to eat of trees. The baby seals, so entertaining, swimming and diving, showing off for us. A little ekphrastic poem and digital art piece to brighten your day!

Koala at Woodland Park Zoo of Seattle, WA

In this digital art, I found a picture of koala resting, wanted to incorporate a hieroglyphic type effect to bleed through, and a texture of the metal and an abstract effect to give the image a 3D depth.

Ekphrastic Poem: Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear

A tummy tucked with eucalyptus leaves,
A “marsupial”  naps cradled within phalanges.
Natives have left their hieroglyphics of painted people.
Coursing upon the heart walls—veins. Far off the koala hears drums beating and the ranting chants. Small-sheltering towns are growing in on the marsupial’s homeland.
And now she’s forced to seek refuge from extinction.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear|
An urban ekphrastic poem

What is Ekphrastic Poem?

Poets.org expresses it like this: Ekphrastic poems are now understood to focus only on works of art—usually paintings, photographs, or statues. And new ekphrastic poems have generally shrugged off antiquity’s obsession with an elaborate description, and instead have tried to interpret, inhabit, confront, and speak to their subjects.


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9 thoughts on “Ekphrastic Poem: Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear

  1. Beautiful poem. Glad you like Koalas. They will come down from the trees in a heatwave trying to find water if heat stressed. There are kind animal carers who look after them until they have recovered. We have many dedicated people here who want to ensure their survival in the wild.

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