Urban Ekphractic Poem: Bird Under Canopy

An urban ekphrastic poem, “Bird Under Canopy.”

My first attempt at an Ekphrastic poem, here I wanted to create a piece of digital art, that illustrated a brown hawk trapped within a canopy of branches. Like woven metal of chicken wire, entrapment. It took three separate images to create this abstract digital art, some transparencies, blends, and effects, then cropping out a bird soaring into a blue. I believe that this piece displays this.

Bird Under Canopy

Urban Ekphrastic Poem: Bird Under Canopy

Inside the abstract sky—a delicacy of color—
Phalanges touch, axis across offshoot,
intermingle. Underneath its canopy,
of woven intersections, I see him.

Long-wing spanned speckled brown hawk.

Swirling, diving, confined.
Eyes are darting up and about,
searching for an escapeway.
Screeching, shrieking, with urgency, another swoop again.

I saw it before him, the realm, within which openings invite blue. 

Shifty, darting eyes eventually lock on, around the underside and up
straight into blue and white. He’s gone.
Inside this covering, I find where life and enchantment
coexist in nature and not. Inhabitants hide.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
| Bird Under Canopy|
An urban ekphrastic poem

What is Ekphrastic Poem?

Poets.org expresses it like this: Ekphrastic poems are now understood to focus only on works of art—usually paintings, photographs, or statues. And modern ekphrastic poems have generally shrugged off antiquity’s obsession with an elaborate description, and instead have tried to interpret, inhabit, confront, and speak to their subjects.


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29 thoughts on “Urban Ekphractic Poem: Bird Under Canopy

  1. I never knew there existed a concept called ekphrastic poetry. Almost all my posts were unknowingly weaved under this genre. Though, I doubt If complete poetical justice was sought. Thanks for sharing your wonderful poetry.🙂

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