Free Verse: Bullying, Words Bled From Heart

In this free verse poetry, “Words Bled From Heart.”

I despise bullying. You will find me writing about bullying quite often. As a single parent of my 9 1/2-year-old Bianca, she sees this quite often. She cries, trying to understand how others can be so cruel.

There was an incidence that really brought me to the reality of bullies. They’re bullied too, by a parent, or peers, or family members, older siblings too.

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Somehow, we need to bring more awareness to bullying. It’s not just children, it’s adults or senior citizens that are bullied. But it’s wrong, when I was a teenager, I lost a friend to bullying, she committed suicide, I tried to help, but I couldn’t stop the monsters who were hurting her.

Bullying kills the soul…for those who can not find the strength to fight it. It’s like a slow drip of poison being fed intravenously. Eventually, it takes its victim. So this free verse poetry and digital art piece I write with a message of awareness.

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Free verse poetry: Words Bled From Heart

A spider…Sets a snare of woven silk.
A fly is a dessert.
And she’d get it too; the lure was in
the dance while I watched.
In the summer mornings,
dew hung like honey.
It was in the watching,
how the sun crawled
across an entangled weave.
It reminded me,
of how we can spin words.
Today, words bled from my heart.
Overhearing a boy of 11, threaten
my sweet, tiny girl with her furry creature.
A threat, he’d bash the dogs
head in if she’d come near him.
I watched, like a fly waiting for its fate.
She faltered under threat of danger.
I, standing on my balconing ran.
She stood there, tears flowing like a river.
The boy had turned away; I called him out.
He stood there staring and then walked.
I was angry but under a calm
mirage, I call out to him again.
He stopped. I confronted him
in a soft, resonating tone.
When my words spilled to ears,
he hung his head;
he muttered under breath.
I’m sorry!

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Bullying, Words Bled From Heart|
A free verse poetry

With this boy, he apologized. I spoke to him of his words, he tried to deny that he had said that. But I had heard the whole conversation and reminded him of how words hurt others. Some so deep it stays lined within the heart walls and mind. I talked of how he might hurt, but it doesn’t help anyone to spread more hurt.

I had found from watching him over time, that he was a victim of being bullied. A father raising two boys, working all days and nights to provide for them. It’s a vicious circle and in some way, we need to stop this!

What is a Free Verse Poetry? Typically patterned by speech rather than meter, this form of poetry is very open to the author’s discretion and usually does not rhyme. Visual and sound effects are often employed.  It can have as many lines as the writer wishes.


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12 thoughts on “Free Verse: Bullying, Words Bled From Heart

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  2. Words have the power to heal, or kill, yet many forget. My best line is the “spinning of words” as bullies do to ensnare a weaker soul and kill it. Many nevrr recover, many don’t have a saviour nearby. Thanks for sharing.

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