Free Verse: Small Spoonfuls of Learning

A free verse poetry, “Small Spoonful of Learning.”

Are you one, that enjoys your cup of coffee in the morning? I am. I enjoy with each sip, the mythological moments, where I can mull over the night before, or the start of the morning. Sometimes, I am an over thinker, weighing too much thought of things, or events. Somehow, with each delivery of a sip swallowed, I come to a resolution or an acceptance. You? A free verse poetry and digital to question thoughts.

Small Spoonfuls of Learning

Free Verse Poetry: Small Spoonfuls of Learning

Delivery was in the cup.
A cup yearned for every morning.
Delivery was in its sweetness;
It’s creamery effect upon the tongue.
Hotness-that would scorch an open throat.
Some find it bitter.
Sharp like gulping down nasty words;
forced upon innocence to accept it.
Not everything is sweet. I get that too.
Not everything is bitter.
But some prefer it that way.
I prefer.
I prefer it in between.
Each cup of life or coffee dosed
with caring, understanding,
compassion, and love.
Sweet and creamy in learning.
I know of the small, bitter doses too.
And those small spoonfuls of learning.
I tend to stir a little acceptance
and gratitude in the lesson.
A sweet, warm, delivery of an excellent
cup of coffee and life.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Small Spoonful of Learning|
A free verse poetry

What is a Free Verse Poetry? Typically patterned by speech rather than meter, this form of poetry is very open to the author’s discretion and usually does not rhyme. Visual and sound effects are often employed.  It can have as many lines as the writer wishes.


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